Cloud first

Build the animation on the web browser and beam it to be rendered in the cloud.

Incredible Tooling

Built-in Charts, Transitions, Easings, Oscillators, Paths, Scenes and Flyovers.

Render to file

Generate png file sequences, animated GIFs and mp4 in a breeze.


ABeamer is an open source project available in GitHub.

Web Technologies

Build animations using SCSS and TypeScript or plain CSS and JavaScript.


How to convert D3.js datamap to an animated gif

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ABeamer can be used to generate D3.js frame-by-frame animations, and convert them into animated gifs or movies.

ABeamer 1.6.0 Released

New statistic plugin, New format plugin, Array operation functions, Firefox render server and scale parameter.

ABeamer 1.5.0 Released

New datetime plugin, more core and colors functions, bug fixing and 'what is next'.

How to delay the teleportation in ABeamer

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With ABeamer 1.4 you can delay when teleportation takes the snapshot.

ABeamer 1.4.0 Released

Making ABeamer smaller, delaying the start of teleportation, Internet presence and Distributed server render in 'What is next'.

ABeamer 1.3.0 Released

Harmonization of the internet presence, reducing the dependence of npm, chrome server render font bug, and more.

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Get started

# install abeamer (requires nodejs)
$ npm install -g abeamer

# learn how to configure puppeteer to use chrome instead of chromium
$ abeamer check

# install a render server (requires chrome web browser)
$ npm install -g puppeteer

# create a project
$ abeamer create my-project

# create a png file sequence
$ abeamer render my-project

# create an animated gif (requires imagemagick)
$ abeamer gif my-project

# create a .mp4 file (requires ffmpeg)
$ abeamer movie my-project
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